Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Been feeling kinda emo and tired lately. I haven't been going to the gym, until today. I'm feeling pretty bad about falling off the wagon with my routine to slim down. Although I did substitute it with less eating and loads of sleep. Not as healthy though - for the mind, body and soul. I can feel and see the flab piling back up on my arms. It's not good to starve yourself. Because the body stores the fat when you do eat, when it's in starvation mode. Not good, not good.

Oh God, I feel so ashamed looking at my progress on the right panel on my blog. I was very into it for the first week.. Then skipped for 2 weeks, continued for 3 days and stopped again, then picked it up again a week later. I must be more consistent.

I'm glad I recorded my progress though. I'm in need of a reality check.

Day 37: 500 Calories

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