Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This Just Might Be The Life

I didn't get any sleep at all two days ago, so I was dozing in and out of sleep at work yesterday. Luckily there aren't any projects at the moment so I didn't have to be on top of my game. Because of the extreme fatigue that I felt yesterday and this morning, I decided to take the day off today. And on Friday because I'm going to Legoland with my dad and siblings, hehe.

So what's it like today?

Pretty good.

I woke up anytime I wanted to, whenever I felt fully rested. Once I got up, received some messages and emails from work, so I just settled them all, from the comfort of my home. It feels pretty cool to be managing people and settling work stuff from home. That way, I don't have to sit at my desk at the office, and get bored as hell when there's nothing to do, since I can't play games anyway. There's this disturbing thing that the bosses at the office do, which is that they monitor their employee's doings on the pc. So basically there's no privacy there. And recently it has been making me feel claustrophobic, since I don't feel at ease doing what I wanna do when there's no job at the office. So yeah, I decided to take the day off since it'll be boring at the office anyways. At home, wearing comfortable clothes, lying down whenever I feel like it, watch funny videos and play games. It's raining at the moment too and I have some yummy mushroom soup heated up, some junk food to eat with it too. Haha. Nice weather, comfortable clothes, my pc. This is good. However, as with all good things, I can't and don't want to have too much of it. So yeah, I'm looking forward to going back to the office. Keeping the balance, of fun and work.

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