Thursday, February 7, 2013

Unlimited Thinking

You can be passionate about life again. You just need to realize that your mind is putting limitations on yourself. Once you get yourself out of that mindset, there are so many things that can get you high on life itself. Limitations are your worst enemies. Being happy isn't just limited to certain things or certain people. Once you free yourself from that limited thinking, you will find so many opportunities and ideas revealing themselves.

So... Are you gonna free your mind from limitations or what?

So for now, my main agenda is to delve deeper into the vop sop for Houdini, and to work on toning up my body. Seriously, there is so much more to learn about Houdini, especially the vop sop. My work is a lifetime of learning. That's something positive to keep occupied with in life, and I honestly don't mind spending the rest of my life doing that, learning. And possibly help others with their problems. So my life journey will be one about the mind (learning about softwares in my line of work), body (gym and outdoor activities), and soul (life philosophies).

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