Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Why am I obsessed with losing weight? Well since I'm fat and ugly, I might as well just be ugly. Too bad I can't afford plastic surgery for the ugliness. Haha.

Been in a loner's rut for a while and I admit it's starting to rub in some emo thoughts and attitudes in me. I thought some alone time would do me good, but I guess I've been thinking about all the people who never wanted me. It's tough trying to steer clear from the path of darkness.

So I've been feeling extra ugly lately, and that's making me lose that internal motivation to workout. So that fat feeling has been slowly creeping up as well. I seriously need to motivate myself again. And lose this bad attitude. I'm really starting to disgust myself. I think this train of negative thoughts is starting to manifest itself in the form of physical fever. Not a good sign.

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