Friday, April 26, 2013

Overly Attached Friend?

Perhaps one day I will completely move on from this kind of blogging. That would be the time when I have achieved so much more personal growth, more friends who love to share and listen, and gotten sick of just writing to myself. Frankly now I'm pretty paranoid about the motives of the people in my life. But maybe that's a reflection of myself, the fact that I have motives too. But my only motives are to avoid loneliness and be around people who are positive and knows a good time. I'm sick of being miserable and paranoid.


  1. the more reason why you shall read the book reclaim your heart by yasmin mogahed.even the very first chapter is related to this entry of yours.

    1. lol, i really should gget this book... hm i'll have to remember to check it at the bookshop next time i go out