Saturday, April 20, 2013

Thoughts On Mainstream Media

I want to believe in something, but I don't know anymore - including those conspiracies. Never have I been so unsure about what to believe in. Growing up and realizing the twisted lies and the human greed behind them. What's the truth and what's fabricated? It was so much easier when I was just a clueless sheep. Now everything feels uncertain.


  1. my dear, i know this feelings,as I have experienced it years before..6 years ago to be exact.i try to search for answers by consulting friends,browsing the net,going to talks,read more books and yet the more i learn the more confuse I became.that is when I stop searching and refuse to learn. I chose to be ignorant. because to me ignorant is such a bliss. How much of a fool I was back then.I begin to realize that without knowledge our hearts will be blundering in eternal darkness for eternity.

    Now my heart is at peace. My suggestion is that, try read and understand the Quran. There are answers there to those who which to seek the truth.:)

    1. Thanks for the enlightening advice, I appreciate it! The ultimate truth from the Book, that is comforting