Thursday, May 2, 2013


Hahaha my ex is such a loser! Now he's all trying to get back together with me. Isn't his supermodel girlfriend enough? Lol. What a loser.

Oh and last time, we were hanging out together and I spent about 200 for the food and drinks. After that, he's always postponing the next hang out, since it's his turn to foot the bill, always giving out excuses. And now that he's out of legit excuses, just now, he even had the gall to suggest a cheap ass place, which in total would be about 4 times less than what I paid for last time. He's such a freaking loser. A cheapskate. An ass who breaks his promises, in all aspects. Big time LOSER.

There's a reason why people break up. I'm glad I've cleansed out the losers in my life. It's just this one who's the last one to get rid of.

I feel sorry for his model girlfriend.

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