Wednesday, May 22, 2013


You know what, about guys and relationships, that's one thing that always manages to piss me off. And another thing that gets on my nerves are guys who are 'suggestive' even though we're not in a relationship. Those two major things that always manage to piss me off. That's why, red alarms always go off when someone I like actually seems to like me. It's too good to be true, because it will never be true... Says my pessimistic side, from years of experience. I notice, guys and relationships are always my main source of negative emotions. I guess I am doomed to fly solo till the end. Whatever. I'm going to expand my network of friends and leave guys and relationship problems behind. One night stands? Puh-leaze! If you're not going to treat me right, you're not getting anything. That's one annoying thing about guys, even though they might be joking, but everytime they start being 'suggestive', I feel really pissed off. They'll then accuse me of being gay, and that humans have needs. Well all I can say is, I think you might be the one with an issue and it's not my problem that you don't have control over your needs. Sorry but I'm saving it for a guy who's worthy, even if it means that I'll just grow old without a partner. I'll always expand my network of friends. I'll just stop caring about relationships. With more friends and sharing experiences, I can be a new person.

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