Thursday, May 23, 2013

Did It Really Mean That Much?

So you complain that he's finally walking away after so many problems in the relationship between you two. If you two really loved each other, then no matter how tough it has been, both of you will work it out. Like they say, when there's a will, there's a way. In reality, he or she is just tired of being with you and wants to move on, as far away as possible from you. So yeah, don't buy into the crap that he or she is telling you, about how sorry he or she is for the past, how the 4 years have been so good between you two.. Because honestly, if it meant that much to him or her, they would still stay and try to work it out no matter what. Sorry babe, but that person is just not that into you. Forget that person.

I've stopped buying into all those relationship dramas. Because if that person really wants it, I'll still be here to work things out. The problem is the one who gives up too easily on 'us'. So it just proves that he's not worthy if he gives up on us too easily, lol. I have one ex who was exactly like that - the one who gives up easily. Now he has a model girlfriend (he always boasts about her, what a show off twat). We hung out as friends, catching up. And guess what I found out? That sucker wants to get back with me, haha. Anything that is even remotely romantic with him is old news and I've moved on.

The worst feeling is not being alone, but being with someone who makes you feel alone.

I read that quote somewhere.

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