Friday, May 31, 2013

Ultimately Blessed

I may have been mugged, but I consider myself very very lucky, and I thank the Lord for that. It's a reminder that even though things will inevitably go bad, but He will always be there watching out for me. That's why ultimately He's the one that my heart will always belong to, underneath everything else that has been happening.

The snatch thief may have gotten away with my wallet, but miraculously all the things that are hard to replace fell out on to the road, where I can easily retrieve them. Namely, my house keys and expensive phone fell out. If I didn't have them with me, I couldn't make any phone calls for help, and I can't even enter my own home if my mum isn't around for the weekend. Those things that fell out were key things that made it easy for me to regain all that has been stolen. So yeah, that meant a lot to me. I didn't even lose money, apart from the 40 cents in my wallet. My identification card, driver's license and bank cards may have been stolen along with the wallet, but I can easily replace them with a trip to a bunch of offices when they reopen on Monday. He didn't hurt me physically either. So yeah, I'll have to say I'm pretty blessed.

Although it was traumatizing, how easily he can grab it out of my hands even when I'm holding onto my wallet. I'm glad for my colleague, whom I also consider as my big brother from another mother. His oncoming daughter is lucky to have a decent person as a father.

There is always the silver lining among the dark clouds, if you make the effort to look for it.

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