Tuesday, June 4, 2013


There will always be that naive little girl in me that believes that happy endings are still possible in this harsh world that we're living in. Even though things will inevitably get tough, and people will often say no, that small part of me will always be there, defiant and blindly optimistic. I don't know why it is still there, when it should be beaten down by now. But I'm glad that part of me is still alive, a sturdy concrete base to uphold everything, when all else has crumbled around it. I'll take it with me everywhere I go, because it keeps me safe from the predators that I often have and will inevitably meet. When I was a little girl, that wall of strength used to come from my parents, my mum especially, because I'll always be running to them everytime I have a problem, or need someone wise to talk to. Now I feel pretty much alone, and they're not always there for me to go running to. I guess I must've taken some part of the care and love that they have given me all these years, and make it my own now that I'm not a kid anymore, and that they can't always be there for me. That tiny wall of strength that still holds me up even though the odds dictate that one should be a crumbled mess by now. I feel much better sharing it with people that I care about, because it gets really lonely just keeping it to myself. I shouldn't be sad when one of them decides to move out of my life, because if it is sincere, then I shouldn't be expecting anything in return. Instead, move on to the other people that are still around. Always be happy and thankful. The good things and good people will come around in their own time.

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