Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I swear I won't even reply to those people whom I've been waiting for when they finally come looking back for me, just because they're bored or lonely, with no one else to talk to. I'm going to try this as part of my new regime of being completely single. Zero tolerance for guys. That's the thing, some people come to you only when it's convenient for them. That just shows that they don't care about the other person except themselves. But of course, I'll always have time for my girl friends when they need me. As for guys, I'll still keep in touch with the ones who are my friends. Just friends. Never ever gone out on a date, never ever implying a relationship. It's just the guys who lead me on that I have no patience and less tolerance for. Perhaps some time in the near future, I'll be deleting them one by one, in order to completely cut them off. For hurting me, for empty promises. The ones who have lead me on, of course. Friends always remain safe. Perhaps I should wait until this period passes then I'll decide whom to start deleting. But I shall still maintain that distance with them of course. I need to remove those people who make me feel mentally unhealthy, if I want to take care of myself and live a healthy and peaceful life. Detoxifying, haha.

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