Saturday, August 24, 2013

Coming Home

I have ventured out and I think it's finally time to come back home.

There's no place like home, except that  now I'm wiser and more experienced (compared to how I used to be). I miss home, and I'm trying my best to steer myself back to that familiar territory, equipped with the knowledge that I've obtained painstakingly and joyfully from the other side. This time, I'll be able to appreciate my home even more.

Home is where I'm pretty much alone. Whenever I have any unbearable thoughts and emotions, I'll have my reliable resources and talents to let it all out. Very comforting indeed, without the need to rely on other people. There would be less disappointments and guaranteed relief from whatever it is that I'm going through. I really miss my home and I want to come back. It's a good thing if you're able to be comfortable and at peace in solitude. You also won't end up hanging around people or picking a life partner out of sheer loneliness. The people that you keep in your life will be the real deal, trustworthy companions till the end of time.

The pen is mightier than the sword. I'm so glad I bought this pen. It's been ages since I actually wrote my thoughts down on paper. This blog post is rewritten from the pages of my notebook that I have kept in my bag at all times. I've always had the occasional longing to jot down my thoughts and feelings in it, but I keep forgetting to bring along a pen. How useless eh? Lol. It is so relieving to finally be able to manually write again wherever I go, as opposed to composing it all on a computer in a blog. Words, innermost thoughts flow more freely like water when I write on paper. It must be because of how I'm used to doing it when I was much, much younger. It feels good sometimes to go back to certain things, especially when some changes aren't necessarily better. Why fix it when it's not broken? I guess I was too curious about the other side.

Now that I've gained the experiences that I was seeking, my roots shall pull me back to where I came from. When the time is up, it is just time to come back home. Willingly. I miss that comfort and familiarity. After a long journey outwards, I am exhausted from the experiences that I've been through. I only long to lay my head on that comfortable pillow. I shall then only dream of the lessons learnt, and a wiser, well informed future that will be inspired from them.

A traveler, a hands on fool, and hopefully a teacher to the less knowing.

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