Friday, August 16, 2013

That Blinding Effect

Screw it. There's a reason why I never got a job in corporate in the first place. I hate that shit. It's like a brewing soup of human indecency. I get super annoyed when someone or any friends imply that I should be joining the corporate world and how much better it is, trying to make me feel regretful. I'm like, "Fuck you, man, I can't live like that with a conscience." All that life long hard work and wasted excess money wont be of much use when they die anyways. Rather than leaving behind works of art to inspire humanity. I'm talking about paintings, special effects, graphic designing, etc. I think whatever it is that they do in corporate will only inspire negativity in people, all those bullshit mind games and social politics that they play, and all for the sake of money. They're wasting their fucking time if their goal is to live a fulfilling life in the present and in the afterlife. Materialistic. Dust, I tell you, it will all turn to dust! Blinded by the pomp and glitter of this life, it is just a stage, which most of us forget, or fail to see.

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