Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What If?

I don't know man, there's just this thought that has been running through my mind, and that is: I should stop talking to the people who have hurt me, even though I try to move past it and act like it, but recently it just occurred to me, what if it's actually damaging me? What if it's actually better that I completely avoid those people instead of trying to be a hero and act all cool, like I've never been hurt by what happened between us? Sheesh. Because I have been getting back into my groove of flying solo, it's good and all, but being open to people who have hurt me in the past, acting like it's all cool between us and stuff, well perhaps it will only bring forth more opportunities of me getting hurt by the same people again. Perhaps what I'm actually doing is letting them walk all over me, while I think that I'm being the bigger person who has moved on past all the hurt. So what now, completely avoid them? It's my call. Ugh, decisions, decisions. Perhaps I will actually do it, but its got to be the right timing. The right timing as in, when I'm mentally prepared to go forth with a full heart exploring new territories and wiser from past experiences. The time will come, when it's right, I'll know it. And I shall be completely free from those who have wronged me, free to be the best person that I can be, all on my own, but surrounded by my occasional good friends.

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