Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Gaming Analogy

That moment when...

You realize that your body is just a tool that God has given you, kind of like something for you to 'play' with, if you were given a toy. You decide how you're going to make use of this body, as you are bombarded with life. Imagine it all as a video game, life is a video game and you control your player. You're not exactly the game character, because it is just a graphical representation to show what physique and clothes you were given to start with in the game. You're not directly imbued within the graphics that's shown on screen, because your real self is off screen (which highly likely looks nothing like your gaming character), and controlling the way that your game character is going to be played on screen, in that game. It's not real, it's just a representation of your soul that is off screen. So try it, and see what it feels like to detach yourself from your gaming character, stop believing that that body you see is actually yours for eternity, detach yourself from completely getting lost in the game, but be present enough in the game to go through all the levels that you have to go through until the game is finally over.

If for a few seconds, you disregard all else and take this as a truth, you will be..


Unfortunately, there is too much brainwashing within this society going on, for me to actually keep up this sense of realization for more than 24 hours. I'll try though. Remember, remember. Life is just a stage. This body is just a vessel. When I do get into this state of mind, I feel lighter in my daily excursions and interactions with people, and really do start focusing on the good deeds that matter. Gosh it would be nice to keep this state of mind at all times.

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