Sunday, September 22, 2013

Quantum Physics

So I've been reading up on quantum physics out of interest, just because it's one of the weirder and more abstract branch of science, compared to the rest that most people already have a general knowledge of. I love reading up on it and how fantastical and novel some of the theories are, and sometimes they just make me go into deep thought, almost philosophical. There's one fact that I uncovered in my readings which caught my eye - it states that reality is just an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. You can look it up on google. Fascinating stuff.

It's a pretty interesting statement, which brought my thoughts to my readings of the Book, which frequently reminds us not to get caught up with the pomp and glitter of this present life, since it is just a test for the outcomes of our life in the hereafter. Not just from the Book, but also all other beliefs which put a strong emphasis on the hereafter. If quantum physicists are uncovering the fact that reality is just a persistent illusion, doesn't it jive with the idea that life is a test for all of us? Both seem to point to the idea that life isn't just... it. It doesn't just end with all that we see on the plate. There's more to it and we gotta realize that.

Even Shakespeare put it in a poetic manner in Macbeth, "Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more". It's a quote from one of my high school readings, which still sticks in my mind even years after it has ended.

What doesn't make sense is that if life is an illusion, then why would it end just like that after we pass away? Just a dot, a full stop. That can't be just it, that we are just thrown into this illusionary life for a couple of years and the end is just the end, and nothing more, without meaning. Sometimes, I can somehow see why some people feel that life doesn't have much meaning to it, no purpose to it. They go through life aimlessly. Somehow, we need to hold on to the idea that there is more to this constant illusion of life.

When our time is up, the lights go out and the curtains will be drawn up to reveal the actual existence that has been hidden from us. I can't imagine what the actual version of reality really does look like, compared to this illusion of reality that we have been conditioned as human beings to believe as the ultimate reality which has nothing else beyond it. It is pretty hard to go above and beyond the established human consciousness, since it has been around us since we were born.

I would like to see through the smoke and mirrors and do what I really have to do, things that actually matter, compared to the petty stuff that we were conditioned to believe in pursuing in a futile manner. I'm not going to name any of those futile pursuits, since I'm on pretty shaky ground with this one, but this is so much more interesting. I can only hope I can get better at it.

But of course, this is what I get from all those readings. Other readers may get an altogether different perspective, which I would be highly interested in as well. I would like to read more to sharpen my understanding as well.

If possible, I would like to spend the rest of my life with companions of intellect and joy. Not ones who will lead us into harm's way.

Feels good to be alone sometimes, as long as I have friends to share them with occasionally. :)

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