Monday, February 16, 2015

Providence. Where and When You Least Expect It

It was time to go home from work and the skies weren't looking too good. I travel by public transport and need to get to the atm for my taxi fare. So rain isn't good if I had to walk to the place. But there wouldn't be enough time to catch up with the current prayer if I waited until I got back home. So I just did my prayers even though thunder was starting up all around. When I finished, rain was beginning to pour and I had to race against the rain before it starts pouring to the taxi stand (5-10 mins walk). Just when I was starting out in the rain, a colleague called out to me and offered me a ride all the way to my home. Talk about perfect timing! Even if I sought a taxi by then, there's no guarantee that any driver will want to take me due to the heavy traffic jam headed towards my area. See? Providence. Just keep up your prayers, and He will provide for you in ways that you don't even imagine.

I'm just writing down this memory so I can reread it when I feel my willpower running low.

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