Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New Age Female Oppression

Why do many girls nowadays settle for someone who does not really love them and yet they work so hard to please that person? I was one of them. I was made to believe that I am the crazy one for wanting too much. I was told this too many times until I started to doubt myself, which lead me to forgetting myself. I spoke to several girls who are still stuck in this web. They choose to brag about what they supposedly have. But underneath all that showing off, after speaking to them, I know for sure the pain that they go through for allowing themselves to settle for love that is less than what they deserve. It must be the mindset of "I wouldn't rather be alone". It takes one to know one. I have been there and I know what they are allowing themselves to go through.

I just want to pose this question to them: "Wouldn't you rather be alone than be with someone who makes you feel terribly alone most of the time?"

But the sad thing is, I think I might know the answer. They will want to stay for the brief glimpses of joy that they might get. Might. Imagine, having lost the hope for a genuine, happy future, in exchange for such fleeting joy that you know deep down will never be truly yours to share. What a wicked deal.

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