Friday, December 10, 2010

hey 'fatty' ? (present post)

I've been watching the Girls Gone Wild show, out of curiosity. ha. Heard it from Keeping Up with the Kardashians. When watching that GGW show, my eyes were glued to it, but with that sense of wonderment and slight disgust. You know when you're not really into something, but it just pulls you.. anyways, it got me worried again about my weight and all that looking good crap. wait, it's not crap. :( i wanna look good and be successful, like those people UP there. they're successful at what they do and look good too. how nice is that. prostitutes look good (sorta) and they cash in alot (i guess). but no, that's not the definition of being successful and looking good doing it. *puke*. i just wanna get rich, being good at what i do for a living, while looking superb. hahah. yeah2 so much to work on.

so i checked my email for Allure's Daily Diet tips, haven't received one in quite a while though. clicked on their website and i haven't really been into all this being good to your body 'crap'. yes yes it's not crap. but just a figure of speech. -,- so smoking's a big no-no, it ages your skin (obviously. but i keep doing that anyway, while taking extra extra care of my skin. haha). sleeping early helps you repair your skin (finally, something that i actually have been doing). it also suggested a food diary. snore.

so i just tried that out, just opened up an account for a free online diet journal on oh, it asked for my weight and i was surprised that when i stepped on the scales, i actually weigh 4 kgs less than what i normally weigh. haha. but it looks like my legs and cheeks are bigger. but i've lost 4 kgs. how odd. maybe the scales are broken. noooo. anyways, i filled in my breakfast meal, and the statistics were horrifying.

Purple: Carbs 41% 42.3 g
Blue: Fat 45% 21 g
Brown: Protein 14% 13.7 g

Fat and carbs! omg. i hate myself. but that's all we got at home. sigh. maybe i can do better when i'm staying in the college hostel. i want to fill up on fruits and veggies, but i'll be needing a fridge then, dammit. why is it so f ing hard.

So you see, the problem is that lack of facilities. the government or whoever it is that hands out these PSAs (public service announcements) keeps on urging others to eat healthy and all that other s. especially youths. ah whatever. i've lost my train of thought. when i have my own house, i will only be eating healthy. because i will be in charge of the food that goes into MY fridge. keep a clean set of scales at home, and definitely definitely have a constant supply of oolong tea. it increases your resting metabolism by 10%. ching ching. ;) much better than green tea (4% increase). used to drink it in the hostel all the time. but i have no f ing idea where it is now. grrrr.

i'm a liiiitle bit overweight according to my BMI. so targeted weight loss: 10 kgs less. then i'll really feel good about myself. ho yeah.

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