Saturday, December 11, 2010

that's some cheesy bs, man. but i love cheese.. (present post)

i'm on a healthy diet.. well sort of. started drinking oolong tea, which i bought with a friend yesterday. we went to Cold Storage, which is absolutely awesome, quality products at a reasonable price. you know, the stuff that they import from overseas. i especially like the healthy stuff that they sell. i think i'll officially switch to cold storage, from carrefour. i mean come on, why would we want to buy local stuff that's not so good in quality, but comes in lots of quantity. compared to imported stuff that's really good in quality and has a reasonable price. whew. it was really nice doing the groceries there, with the christmas music playing. makes me feel warm and cuddly inside. hahaha. bs. i'm dreaming of a white christmas.. i miss having one. at least that music makes me feel better inside compared to the garish raya music.

eating cheesy mashed potatoes for lunch.. now that's really filling. and i don't have to eat lots of it. just a few tablespoons, some bits of chicken and finish it off with a glass of oolong tea. oh man. that hits the spot, in a good way. no guilt attached ;) i know my gut feeling is right. my dad buys way unhealthy stuff, they're reliable, always buy them. its hard to talk to him, but occasionally i bought some stuff that are healthier. but that's about it. when they're finished, it's back to the old greasy, reliable foodstuff. reliable. i'd rather spend some money on the good stuff. when i have a job, i'll buy all the things that i've always wanted. occasionally pop in here and stock up on my stuff in this house. for them.

man i really can't concentrate on this current assignment. during this week's holiday, i've been mostly depressed and trying to lift my mood up. which went fairly okay. now, the holiday's almost ending, i have a f ing workload of assignments. back in high school, i could sit still for hours studying, reading f ingly boring textbooks. but now.. i think i've lost my 'groove'. i've become rusty. sobs. anyways, in my moment of ADD, i chatted with an old school friend. her status said something about combs and pillows to help relieve stress. she told me that her cousin told her to comb her hair slowly every time she feels stressed out. so every time she gets stressed, she will get beautiful hair. haha. i tried it, but.. it's okay i guess. not much improvement in the stress factor. sigh.

sometimes i wish things are the way they were before. family, happiness (sort of), studies, friends. see, i'm not that kind of girl who's hooked on boyfriends and the trouble that they bring with them. i just miss those things that i mentioned earlier.

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