Tuesday, December 14, 2010

super normal (present post)

i'm a f ed up person. and i'm working hard on undoing the damage that my father (especially) has done. i'm working on my meditation. because i need it to protect myself from his f ed up influence, and to be able to behave normally when i'm around people. my mind is f ed up. thanks to my father. and i'm working hard on undoing all the damage that he has done. i want to be happy again. i want to be normal. not f ed up and abnormal. but normal must have its exceeding qualities, and not normal with no talent; a faceless individual. why can't i be super and yet normal? super normal.

it's f ed up when you have to clean up your parents' mess. a mess that has been built up for your entire life. a mess that needs to be undone. a mess that you never asked for in the first place. parents? well i'm just sayin. got to go now. good bye.

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