Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Eternal Flame

Now I know why many of my pretty friends, who are awesome, but still remain single. Although they're single, they're really cool individuals. They're their own person, and could have a good time wherever they are, no need for a man by their side. Yeah, they're pretty, not to mention cool (ugh, how many times am I gonna say this. like do I have a chick crush or something), and I used to wonder why are they single? Now I know. Self worth, love thyself, etc etc. Do not search for love from another, but love yourself initially, and sincerely. That's what should come first. Then all the other good things will come to you. No wasting time on guys who aren't worth your time, energy, and capacity to love. These girls may be bitchy even, especially when it comes to guys. But I don't blame them. Haha, I guess with experience, you will get there first. I still have a lot to learn.

This is just an open stage, and we are all subjects to the master of puppets. Do you enjoy watching our feeble attempts to free ourselves from your imprisoning strings, o master of puppets?

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