Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm not in this world alone

I love my darlings - my friends, co-workers, my love interest.. I love them all. I love the feeling that they're there, for me, at my darkest hour. And that darkest hour is not exactly caused by something that's just in my head, but something really terrible that happened. And there they are, chatting me up, talking about that horrible thing that happened to me. It's just so comforting, and to have them by my side when I really felt alone and confused.. and I know why I feel alone a lot, it's because I keep things to myself. But when I do come clean with what's bothering me, they came to my aid, they comforted me, even with just mere words. But mere words mean a lot to me, and their presence there, when I needed company the most.. to save myself from doing something really drastic. I love my darlings. Thanks God, for showing me once again that I'm not totally alone in this world. I just needed to not keep my issues to myself. I realize that. Let it out, let them help me, and do myself and everyone a favor, and move on, past the problem. I love my life. I love the people in my life. Thanks again, God. My heart feels so calm and contented.. a feeling that I have been missing for quite some time. I love my darlings. And there's also another thing I wanted to talk about...

So I was going through that really terrible ordeal, I basically felt like as if my life was coming to an end, and not by my means. It was caused by an evil individual. I literally felt the people that I care a lot about, the people that I love, I felt them flashing before my eyes.. kind of like how your life flashes before you, when you're about to die. So yeah, he was one of them, and I guess my feelings were just so strong, you know, that feeling of I was about to die, and calling out to the people that matter a lot to me. And then, he contacted me. It was so comforting, that he came at the right time, like as if he knew how I was feeling at that moment. And there are other people too, who suddenly talked to me, after a long silence. Friends. They suddenly contacted me again, but after he came to me first. I felt like, they came to my call for help. He was the first, and the rest came. I love them all. My darlings. Thank you so much for comforting me, even if it's all my silly fault for getting easily worked up. But thanks, I love them all. Love is such a wonderful feeling. It's a wonderful emotion to spread around. I want to live in that world, filled with love. Forever. It's a feeling I want to keep forever. Love.

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