Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mad Words of Unwisdom

This is bullshit. I can't write them down. All the thoughts in my head. If only I could transpose them into writing as I think. I wouldn't have to think of them again, only to put them in writing myself. I don't know, it doesn't feel right anymore when I try to put my exact thoughts into writing. It feels so fake. If I could put my thoughts down in writing as I think them, I could capture their essence. I have been having too many thoughts in my head, I need to let them out. They are driving me insane. I always put my thoughts down in writing, whenever they get too much. But just recently, it doesn't feel right when I try to write them down. Is this what people are referring to? When they say they couldn't write down their thoughts, whenever I suggest them to write in a journal? This is really bad. I need to dispose of my thoughts through my writing.

Whenever my mind's at a really shitty place, I speak loving words to myself. (In my head of course). Strangely, I find those words from myself to be reassuring, somewhat comforting. I guess it's just sad.

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