Sunday, August 12, 2012

Finally Some Alone Time

Favorite pastime at home: Lazing around, being a couch potato, going through 9gag, checking out That Effing Show on YouTube and other similar series, blogging, chatting with friends.

Favorite pastime outside: Chilling at a cafe with smokes and a good glass of milkshake or iced lemon tea, with a good book or leeching off the free Internet with my iPhone. Oh, and checking in with FourSquare because all the cool people are doing it, ha ha.

It's nice to be completely single again, not mentally attached to anyone. I forgot how nice it is to really indulge in yourself. I've been tired of worrying about some douche bag. Just worry about what's coming next for me. :D

You know that good feeling you get when u finally break free from that state of mind, breaking free from depending on anyone but only on yourself.. Not hoping on anyone to make you genuinely happy, except yourself.. Well it feels good. And to know that it's me wanting to not let anyone break through that newly found mental barrier that I've achieved. To stand on my own feet and make myself happy, surround myself with good people and healthy presence, to not break that magic by letting myself fall for someone else. This is how I used to be back then... Until guys and relationships appeared in the picture. So... I am back, baby. Stronger than ever before, hopefully able to withstand any temptations of falling into another disastrous relationship. LOL. I want my old, single self back again :)

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