Tuesday, November 6, 2012

So, Philosophy Huh?

Gym - So.. after 2 weeks of procrastination, I'm finally back in the game. 1st week off due to the female monthly problem. Not sure why it felt worse this time around. 2nd week off was because of the crazy deadline at work so I couldn't get home before the damn gym closes. Excuses, excuses. 2 weeks of no progress on my dieting and gym sessions left me feeling stressed, and I can feel the fat piling back up :(. Ugh, I gotta fix this fast and that means probably 2 weeks of crazy dieting and hopefully extra effort in the gym. After making up for those 2 weeks, I'll turn down the volume and get back to my usual gym and dieting routine. It's just in my head, but I feel like I really have to make up for those 2 weeks lost. Just to make myself feel better. Those 2 weeks felt like a lifetime, a lifetime of fat piling up, lol.

And no, I'm not doing this just because I have a boyfriend. (Wtf, I have one already?!). I just wanna feel good about myself, and being thin is on my to do list, for so many reasons. I can't wait to check that off the list once I finally made it. It's been a stubborn one, taking ages to complete!

Haha I feel like Fez from That 70s Show when he finally got a girlfriend (but she turned out to be a psychopath). I'm not sure about getting into this relationship, but I'll see how it goes, after a week or so. It's still on its probation period, lol. My girl friends at work said not to worry too much, it's still very very new.

On another note... I've been listening to some talks on the online radio while doing work, since I got so bored of listening to music and campfire ghost stories. Useless rubbish, right? (The latter, I mean). Might as well fill my brain with some useful info to upgrade myself as a human being, lol. So I stumbled across some talks on philosophy and I've found some really good content. They're surprisingly useful and in sync with the answers I've been looking for, for use in life in general. I never expected that. So far, my mind feels pretty much uplifted and I no longer dwell on all the petty problems as often as I used to. Liberating. Just what I've been looking for.

Stoicism. I've been heading in that direction all along, and it was a pleasant surprise when I found out about it. Its ethics and virtues pretty much concur with my mindset, although I'm just semi stoic since it doesn't go as far as my family being affected. But essentially, those are the values that I've been rooting for. Thanks to our 'forefathers' for founding it. It's exciting that such a teaching exists, so I can find out more about it and put it to good use. The path has been there all along, so all I got to do is discover what they have laid out in the past and perhaps venture even further as I see fit. Woo.

Day 22: 300 Calories

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