Monday, November 12, 2012

When They Don't Care to Not Hurt You

And no, it is not okay when someone cancels their plans with you. It is never ever ever ever okay! So for today, I got one fucking 'friend' who cancelled on me. And last weekend, my so called 'boyfriend' cancelled on me. Being cancelled on reminds me of when I used to go out with this guy. He's always canceling on me like it's a fucking disease. I was so in love with the guy that I gave him a lot of fucking chances. We're not together anymore now. I pretty much stopped talking to him, abruptly because I'm so not going to bother starting or planning anything else with people like him. Honestly, I don't fucking feel like talking to guys who broke my heart so many times. Let alone forgive them. I dunno, have I forgiven them? Or is it that I've forgiven but I've never forgotten, which is why I don't bother to maintain a close friendship with them after all that has happened. When I feel hurt, I just feel that they don't care enough to let that happen, so I would just walk away from that person. Often times with no warning because I'm just too hurt, and they don't even deserve an explanation. I don't ever wanna get hurt by the same people ever again. The disappointment can cut pretty deep, so please mull it over in your head before canceling on your plans. Try... try, to make it happen. You're being a fucking inconsiderate and insensitive person when you cancel on your plans. You don't deserve a great friend like the poor guy / girl you stood up. Motherfucker.

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