Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I don't know what their fucking problem is. I remember last time when I started working, some senior seemed pretty irritable when he had to show me the ways, since it's my first time. Eventually he was alright. But I really had to prove myself though. Anyways, I had to learn everything by myself after that - I didn't want to fucking ask from some people who don't seem too happy to teach me. And now that there are more people who are newbies, those seniors seem pretty happy and friendly to teach them their ways. I wonder what the fuck am I missing here. Is it because I'm a girl? Is it because of my race? I don't think I'll ever know, except I'll just have to be at my best and move on. Am I part of this biased treatment that many have talked about? I try to adapt to the human ways, but sometimes it makes me too fucking pissed off. Too pissed off, but for the sake of my mental and emotional health, I got to let go and possibly try to forgive.

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