Wednesday, April 17, 2013

You've Got Haters Apparently

I'm sure everyone (except the perpetrators, who are bitches and he-bitches I'll have to say) went through this experience that I'm going to rant about:

There's always that person who hates your guts ever since they laid their eyes on you. No matter what you do, that person will always have something bad to say about you. You just can't seem to do right by them.

It gets worse if that person has a follower (or several followers). Their followers are so in love with them, that they will kiss that person's ass and lick the ground that they walk on. They will also follow their example by hating you as well. So now you have a whole bunch of people hating on you for no apparent reason.

Another scenario that I notice quite often during my years on this planet: For some reason, my hater would be this one really ugly or fat girl (or both), who hates my guts ever since she knew me. And this girl who's hideous (inside and out), will have a close guy friend who apparently worships her. He too, would follow her example and make fun of me whenever she starts to say something bad about me. Several times throughout my life, there would be an ugly bitch who would hate on me and her close guy friend would do so too. Why he would be kissing her ass so much, I don't know. He probably already does that to her (if you know what I mean), and some more. Why she would be hating on me, I wouldn't know. Maybe it's because of some psychological shit about jealousy or hating seeing your despised self in another person.

Whatever the reason that people do this kind of shit, it's just so immature. That's something out of your teenage years. I know better now anyways. I just get pissed off when it still happens among adults.

It may be because of the way I handle myself which causes certain people to react to me negatively. I thought I was already past that stage, but apparently it's still around. Well I admit I have personal flaws (awkward social attitudes perhaps), that I need to work on. Bottom line is, you can't please everyone. It's not your fault. Especially if this situation only happens with certain people, and you still have friends who love to hang out with you. So it's not everyone that you come across that hates your guts. (You should be worried if you start to lose all of your friends, though). Just be strong around your haters and remember that you're still loved. You're not a wretched human being. It's just those IDIOTS who need to learn more self loving so they won't feel the need to hate on others that they regard as their weak target. Take this as an opportunity for you to build up your thick skin around your adversaries.

The way I'd go about dealing with this situation is that I'd just let it slide. Act like nothing happened and like I don't care. I normally deal with my frustrations either by writing or talking to someone. Which is why I can just calmly let it slide afterwards. Of course, if it gets worse and if that person goes all up in my face, I will definitely blow up and let them have it. And boy does it always feel good everytime I blow up at someone (which is pretty rare, fortunately for you, bitch!). Hahaha, I try as much as I can to maintain my composure and dignity. I don't fucking want to be walked on all over, but neither do I fucking want to create unnecessary conflict, obviously because it's unpleasant. (Hater Bitch! I wish you would just save us all this negative energy and get over yourself).

Haha I started on this post as a means of letting out my frustrations. But instead, I ended up with a conclusion of comforting personal reminders. I'm so glad for the gift of writing - vulgarities and cussings included. Not that I'm a gifted writer or anything, haha.

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